Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tornado Waters Lawn

Today a tornado came close to home, apparently causing a little havoc at the nearby convention center. While tornado's are generally not something to be grateful for, I can appreciate its lawn watering properties.

The grass, flower pots, and garden are all nice and wet. I only wish I had not spent the evening before carefully moving the sprinkler around the yard as instructed by my Camping Husband. I could have instead watched my latest Netflix movie. (I'm on movie #3 for the week.)

The water isn't all good though. Two tomato plants have been overcome with water weight. They were a bit too top heavy and the water just pulled them over. I attempted to lift them back up but the weight is too much. So I've placed things in front of them in hopes that they'll stay a little upright while they dry out. I also picked a lot of tomatoes that were orange to red in color, just to make sure they were 'saved'. Now I have to figure out what to do with them since I don't cook much and frankly don't really like tomatoes that much.

Hey, but it's still cool to grow them.

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