Friday, August 14, 2009

Husband Seeks Manly Time in the Woods

Bill is getting ready for his annual Boundary Waters adventure with his buddy Dan.    His plan is to keep at it until he turns 70.  After that?

Now I like the great outdoors as much as anyone, but I prefer my bathrooms in-doors, my beds comfy and a screen to guard against mosquitos.   Every once in a while, when we're hiking in a National Park, I weaken and say, I'd go camping with you in a beautiful place like this.    He, so far, has not taken me seriously.

It hasn't always been this way.  I've given it the ole' college try.  And what did I get?  Downpours which forced us to spend most of our time in a small tent and 45 degree weather in the middle of August.   This is not how vacations should be spent.  This is not what I consider fun.

But it's fun for him and I'm all too happy to let him take off for a week.    Grace will be at camp and I'll be working.   Next year, I'm thinking a short trip with my gal pals may be in order.

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