Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Kid Has It Under Control

Last night I attended a meeting at Grace's (Note use of a real name as requested by said child) school to hear all about her test scores on a pre-ACT test.  As I walked into the building I thought back to when I was in high school.  I don't remember my parents going to the high school for any reason other than attending a basketball game for my brother or maybe a track meet for me.    It's not that my parents didn't care.  I just think high schools in my day didn't have these kind of meetings.

So last night I heard about what her scores meant.  (She did well.  Not surprising.) Then I heard about things the kids should do to get ready for the college application process.  And I heard all about the PSEO option for kids that want to attend college while going to high school.  And  I heard all the questions the parents asked.  At the end I concluded that my kid doesn't need me to hear all of it.  She does just fine navigating the system on her own.  

Here's what I mean.  While some parents are asking how their kids can learn about PSEO,  mine has already applied, is writing her essay, has checked out the possible schedule of classes she might take and how it will fit into her high school schedule, and has figured out the bus route and what building the classes may be in.   (And she doesn't perceive organizing and planning as a strength..hmmm)

What's left for a mother to do?  I suppose I'll keep going to the meetings.  I get to socialize a bit which is nice.  But like my parents, if I didn't go, I'm guessing things would work out just fine for everyone.