Monday, April 11, 2011

Boomer Notices Disturbing Trend in Advertising

Time sure flies when you're retired.  Actually I think time just goes faster the older you get.  It's already April.  I only posted once in March.  Hopefully I can do better this month but time is running out.

Speaking of time...I seem to be wasting a bit more than usual.  We just got a more premium cable package so that we could get Fox Sports Network, the only way to get Twins' games on TV.    What that means is I also get a lot of other channels and I've become movie addicted.  I've been staying up until all hours of the night catching the Elizabeth Taylor movie highlights among many others.

But with TV shows also comes TV ads.  I don't like most TV ads.  Can't watch them without dissecting them.  Do I remember the brand?  Is there a benefit?  A reason to believe?  Usually the answer is no.    I've also noticed a creative trend.  Human beings playing inanimate objects.  Granted it is not a totally new idea.     Fruit of the Loom underwear has used people dressing up as fruit for decades. This trend is a little different.

It started with the PC/MAC commercial.  You know the one.  Two young and hip, the other sort of chubby and uncool.    They aren't dressed as computers..they just represent them.   Then came the Mayhem man for Allstate Insurance.  I actually like these.  Things began to go a little downhill when Mucus made an appearance.  I remember the mucus man, but not what was advertised.    Then it hit rock bottom with two women portraying Mud and Dirt hoping for a Swiffer to pick them up.    The ad may work, but people playing things other than people is getting a bit old.

I just hope the next manifestation isn't "Hi, I'm Condom."