Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boomer Worries

My Hubby says I'm not happy unless I am worrying about something.  So what am I worrying about these days?

  • My Southwest High music fundraiser.  The list of worries on this goes on and on.  Yesterday though I decided that if I could throw money at a problem and get rid of the worry, I would.    I did the same last year.    Next year, it will be someone else's worry.  But then, I said that last year.
  • My ankle.  I tore a ligament and now walk around in a funny boot.  The Doc said it's the type of injury that can reoccur.    I have about 25 more National Parks to go.    That means lots of hiking and I tend to trip on tree roots.  A lot.   
  • My weight.  Keeping weight off is always a worry.  But doing it when you can't put in your usual three mile daily walk makes it even harder.  Plus doing it when you have Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas and my birthday over the next three months is harder still.
  • What my daughter does that I don't know about.    I don't really think she's doing anything I wouldn't like, but then she's eighteen, so what do I know?  So I worry.   Heck,  I was eighteen once.
These are the biggies.  I suppose in the scheme of things they are not very big.  Like I'm not really worried about who becomes President.    There, I said it.