Friday, September 4, 2009

Teen Speaks About First Week of High School

My normally uncommunicative teen has been full of blab this week. She just finished her first week of high school. I'm enjoying it while I can by taking advantage of the opportunity to pick her up from school. That time in the car is precious. Just say hello and wait to see what she does with the silence. So far she's filled it.

Before school started her focus seemed be on whether a class would be challenging or not. This week, it's been all about the social aspect of high school. I'm not surprised. I still recall my first day of high school. It is etched in my memory. I had the most awful looking cold sore on my mouth. Spent the entire day with my hand on my face trying to hide it, yet at the same time be friendly enough to meet and talk with my new classmates.

This week Grace has been most excited to tell me about the new friends she's met. She strategized how she was going to talk to a boy in one of her classes that she recognized from a summer camp. She joined the swim team, our biggest surprise yet. And her favorite class has changed daily, though English looks like it's going to take the permanent lead. The teacher is a vegetarian and hence a kindred spirit to my vegan daughter.

Swim team practice runs till 6:00 p.m. so I should be able to continue picking her up from school until the season is over. Can't wait to hear about week two.

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