Thursday, September 24, 2009

Men and Work

There was an article in the paper recently that said that soon there will be more women working than men. Men have been losing jobs more than women in this down economy. But, it also went on to say that colleges are graduating more women than men. Presumably, this means more men will be staying home taking care of the house and kids. And I've also read that younger men are more used to sharing household duties with the woman.

Now, if you read my bio, you'd know that my Hubby already stays home. I wonder if the next generation of stay at home dads will be different than my Hubby. He's been an at-home dad for 14 years. And it's been a deliberately chosen path. Yet, even today, if someone asks him what kind of work he does, he says, "I'm a semi-retired lawyer." The little devil on my shoulder always thinks, wonder where the check is from the part that's not retired. The nicer side of me just wonders why he feels compelled to answer in this way. If the roles were reversed, I'd have no problem saying I took care of my kids and the household.

Is there really such a stigma on a stay-at-home dad that he can't admit it? Will the next generation of dads feel the freedom to admit their choice proudly?

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