Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boomer Experiments with Adding Photos to Posts

I need to learn how to dress up my blog. Call me slow, but I just noticed a symbol that indicates I can add a photo or video to my post.

So I'm adding a photo of my cats. I have two. First there's Emmy, the Million Dollar Cat. Emmy was adopted soon after my 18 year old cat died. It was not kitten season and we wanted a kitten so the pickings were slim. Hubby insisted we study up on how to choose a healthy cat and learn which ones would be quiet. We ended up with Emmy, a part Siamese (otherwise known as whining cat) with ringworm and intestinal worms. I can only say that Hubby was the one that said let's take her, not me. It took a while to diagnose all the problems. The vet bills and the daily washing gave her her nickname.

Because of the whining Bill thought maybe a friend would keep her occupied. So we went in search of a 2nd kitty. We adopted her from the local Humane Society and she was just what Bill wanted in the first cat. Healthy and quiet. We called her Zori, a female Zoro, because of the mask on her face. And she's always jumping from here to there and breaking things (but quietly.) The two cats became good friends and do occupy each other a bit. But Emmy is still a whiner and, by the way, loves Hubby.

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