Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Remembering Dad

Today, 35 years ago, my father died. He was 62 years old. I almost didn't remember. Then I noticed some happy birthday wishes to my nephew who was born 2 days before my dad died.

So I am feeling a little guilty that I did not remember the moment I woke up this morning. Because if I don't remember, who will? So here's to my dad and things I remember.

Riding high above everyone on your shoulders
Standing on your feet while we circled the dance floor at the Swiss Hops
Watching you sit in your chair reading the newspaper everyday
Doing the jig in the hallway just for laughs
Teasing mom
Taking grandma to church on Sundays
Sitting in the Consolidated Sales parking lot waiting for mom to get off work, taking bets on whether she'd be the last to leave (and she always was)
Bringing me into the freezer at A and P and showing me how you ground the hamburger
When I got all A's, asking why that 95 average wasn't a 100...just to tease me.
Letting me take the car to Tennessee so I wouldn't be another St. Matthew's driver, like mom.
Buying me a bag of groceries when I moved into my first apartment
Coming out to rescue me at work when I locked my keys in the car even though you were sick
Pretending that you were a monkey because the nurses made you eat so many bananas in the hospital
Finding my 2nd grade picture, with my crooked bangs and crooked teeth, still in your wallet when you died.

Your little girl forever.


  1. My dad died 21 years ago at age 52. So many feelings about this, I can't begin to explain. But your post reminded me of how these experiences and those people are carried in us every day. Thanks for the reminder. I bet he was one good guy.


  2. Jackie, I can't say that I remember what your dad's voice sounded like. He was always SO quiet. I, too, remember him sitting in the chair reading his newspaper. Isn't it nice to have pleasant memories of your dad? I didn't realize that he died so young. Yikes!! Pat will be 60 on Monday. It was good to see you at Christmas. Sue

  3. Love that he had your 2nd grade photo in his wallet. So sweet.