Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh For A Nose That Works!

Looking Innocent. Yea Right.
I've heard it, but now I believe it. The first sense that disappears when you get old is your sense of smell.

My sweet kittie (not the bad one) has a urinary tract infection and bladder stones. That means she has a hard time relieving herself, hence referred to as peeing.

Being the good kittie, she wasn't doing a whole lot to announce her predicament, at least not that I noticed. As far as I knew she was going downstairs to the basement taking care of business as usual. Then one morning, she decided to visit me before I got out of bed. I was sleeping in a bit so she had been released from the back of the house where all kitties are kept in the evening. I thought at the time, how unusual for her to visit. She doesn't generally seek out company.

Then, she assumed the position. Being a cat owner for over 20 years, I recognized it easily. I grabbed her, shouted the appropriate No! and ran her downstairs to her box. Then, I started watching. Poor kittie. She kept going to her box and sitting there for long stretches and all that came out was a little drop. It was obvious what was wrong and eventually we got her to the vet and on antibiotics and special medicine food.

But that's not my real story here. So, obviously, we had a little clean-up to do. I removed the duvet cover and lo and behold, I saw on the comforter many, many little tell-tell signs that kittie had been visiting our bed for quite some time. Just little drops, but smelly none the less. At least it smelled once I realized it should smell.

How is it possible I could have slept under this comforter for probably a week without smelling cat pee? Has my smeller just gotten use to it? Or has my sense of smell gone kaput? Does my whole house smell?

I know the popular thing to do when you age is to nip and tuck here and there. Add a little botox to the forehead wrinkle. Me? I'm looking for a smeller upgrade.

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