Monday, January 31, 2011

Boomer Tackles The Great Outdoors..Alone

I finally decided it was time to go it alone. Take matters into my own hands. Be the master of my fate. I went cross-country skiing. Alone. By my lonesome.

I had been waiting to go with my Hubby. I've only done cross-country a few times so was a little unsure of myself. But it was 20 degrees and sunshiny and Hubby was still suffering from a bad cold. Several other nice days were already behind me, so I couldn't let another pass.

So I dug out the gear, made sure I could put the skis on, then walked down to the lake. It was a good decision. Despite falling three times, one of which didn't count because no one saw me, I enjoyed myself immensely. Went at my own pace, where I wanted to go, for as long as I wanted.

The dog race from a previous Loppet
Ice made beautiful
The lake is soon to be the site of The Loppet, a day of cross-country ski events. This provided lots of things to check-out on my little adventure. The ice luminaries are all in place for the night time event. Skiers with their dogs were practicing for the very amusing dog pulling master (or vice versa) event, and best of all, the trail was nicely groomed.

Doing things by myself is nothing new. When I was young and unmarried I did it all the time. Vacations, movies, plays. But almost 20 years of marriage has made me more partner dependent. The other day I mentioned to DD that I might go to an afternoon movie by myself. She was appalled. Thought it was so sad. I just saw it as exerting my independence once again.

I'm a retiree with time to do things again. Waiting on someone else to come along will hold me back. Cross country today. Tomorrow..who knows?


  1. about time. did you enjoy yourself?


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  3. Jackie, I go to afternoon movies by myself all the time. I don't mind at all. Of course, my husband doesn't like to do lots of things, so I have always done things with other people or by myself. Go for it!! Sue

  4. Good for you. Somethings I actually prefer to do by myself too. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment or other people to get up the nerve. Sometimes being an early adopter overall I just try things first and bring people along the second go round. :)