Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing Important to Say

When I started this blog I figured I would have no problem coming up with things to write about.  But I found as time went on that selecting subject matter became more difficult.  I think that I believed it needed to have some meaning or interest to people.

I heard a recent Public Radio show that made me rethink that.  It was an interview with a woman who has been blogging about a plastic bag stuck in a tree.  She even gave the bag a name, Windy, and has held birthday parties for the bag.   You see the bag has been caught in the tree for over two years.

I'm figuring surely anything I blog about can't be any more mundane than a plastic bag stuck in a tree.  So here's my topic.  Pens with no ink.  Pencils with no lead.   I've got a pen/pencil holder sitting on my desk with at least 20 writing instruments in it.  And every time I pick out one to write with it doesn't work.  It must be like that unmatched socks in the dryer thing.  Or the keys that are never where you left them thing.

If you want to read more about the plastic bag, here's a link to the blog.   www.junkdrawerblog.com/2010/06/windy-interview-on-npr-all-things-considered.html

Next post:  what to do with 30 empty kitty litter buckets

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