Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boomer Reflects on First Three Months of Retirement

It's now been a little over three months since I retired.  I figure it's time to report to the world (or at least my 14 followers) how it's going.  First and most importantly, I'm loving being retired.  I particularly like sleeping until I'm ready to get up.  No alarm!

My first goal was to start exercising and lose some weight.  I am happy to report I have lost ten pounds which is just about the amount of weight I gained last year.  And I've gotten at least an hour of exercise almost every day of the week for the past 3 months.   My new exercise goal is to get arms like the Terminator Lady, Sarah what's her name, aka Linda what's her name.   (At 55 I'm afraid my memory for names is pretty much gone.)

My next goal was not to watch too much TV.  You see I like TV but recognize that it is very easy to get sucked into sitting on the couch all night.   Am doing pretty well here.  I allow myself a few guilty pleasures, like Dancing With the Stars and Modern Family.  And I watch Glee on   No daytime TV except what I see while walking on the treadmill at the gym.  Speaking of daytime TV, what's the deal with the Real Housewives from xxx (insert city)?  It's just spoiled women behaving badly.   Whatever happened to good old fashioned game shows?  

Goal three was to do a little volunteering but not get too wrapped up in anything for now.  Want to keep my summer open.  Darling Daughter was quite worried about this one, but I think she's gotten over it.  So far I've just collected admission fees at a few SW High School band concerts.   Still doing a bit here and there for the Environment Committee for the neighborhood, but resisted the call to serve on the neighborhood board.  

Goal four was to reconnect with friends.  Just getting started here.  Got more lunches to schedule.

Things I haven't done yet?  Still haven't gotten started on decluttering the house.  Cleaned out a couple of closets but that's about it.  Haven't really tackled anything big.  But, we're in the midst of a kitchen remodel and I figure that's a big enough mess for now.    I haven't set up my "project" space where all my partially done and yet to be done crafty projects will live.  Got to declutter first.   Still have a million computer based projects to do but they keep getting deprioritized.  

I've put off until the fall the beginning of my post-work education.  Piano, voice, dance, photography and a million other fun sounding things are possibilities.   But next fall seems early enough to make those commitments.

Darling Daughter and Hubby seem to be adjusting to my greater household presence.  I'm learning to keep a distance from Hubby when he begins to growl his responses to my questions.   And I'm learning to just do my own thing which is just fine with him.

The days fill up quickly.   Time has not slowed down.   I'm just happy that I spend it here at home.


  1. Jackie you make it sounds so good. I must follow your lead!

  2. Jackie, sounds like you are success at retirement too! Doesn't surprise me. My parents are living the same itinerary you are...well I should say my step-mom is. She amazes me. Now my dad, the TV has stolen his soul. lol Let me know if you're ever in Chicago. I'd love to catch lunch or dinner with you.