Sunday, June 7, 2015

American Bumps Into Aussies on Coastal Trail

Australians, like the British, drive on the left side of the road. When someone drops off a passenger it looks as though they've just abandoned the car in the middle of the street. At every crossing they remind the rest of the world to look left by painting the words on the pavement.   As I have yet to be hit by a car while crossing, I figure I'm doing pretty well. However today we picked up a car and did a little road adventure of our own.

Sitting in the passenger seat while your husband sits next to you on the right really tests the strength of your relationship.  Driving to Bondi Beach was like a 15 minute ride on the Screamin' Demon.   Parked cars on my left looked as though they were ready to leap through my window.  If I flinched Hubby screamed at me. He turned on to the right side of the street once. I kept my heart in my throat but just barely. This was only a trial run. Tomorrow we drive to the Blue Mountains about two hours away. I'm going to just close my eyes.

Bondi Beach was beautiful. Despite cooler temps there were still plenty of surfers and swimmers to watch,  I even got a bit warm walking the Coastal Trail.   I saw a saltwater swimming pool that is fed by the ocean. It was very cool. Those Aussies know how to enjoy the ocean.

We dined at Bill's, a lovely restaurant with not so lovely service. Perhaps they did not like me requesting free food because I was dining with Bill.  Having read that Australians don't tip and advice to leave no more than a 10% tip for only excellent service, we opted to leave nothing.  I felt like I should slip out the back door.

Yesterday we did a typical tourist thing and went on a guided "free" tour of historic Sydney.  While advertised as free, the guide, Lily, let us know that they operated on a pay what you think it was worth basis.  She had a rather thick Polish(?) accent so we missed a few details. Therefore she got less than the paid tours though I suppose it's possible we wouldn't have understood those guides either. Lack of a control sample I'm afraid.   But still we learned a few interesting tidbits like this Governor Macquarie guy named everything after himself or his wife.  Pays to be in power.

We also took an evening harbor cruise to see the Vivid Lights from the harbor.   It was pretty, though in order to stretch the tour to two hours the boat went back and forth three times.  After once you've kind of seen it all.    Took a few photos but taking shots at night is tricky so I signed up for a photo class sponsored by Canon for tonight.  They lend you a camera and coach you through the settings to get just the perfect pic.   I'm figuring it will come in handy at other times as well.

Big news. Got some new shoes. After two days with my blister producing shoes, I couldn't take it anymore. Killed me to pay big bucks for another pair of tennis shoes, but my toes feel better.   I'm over 100,000 steps for the week and I can definitely feel it. A little foot massage would be nice about now.

So tomorrow we head to the Blue Mountains. We'll spend four days there then come back to Sydney for another four days.   Luckily I now know I must walk on the left side of the trail so I am ready.

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