Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cat Toenail Whisperer

It started over ten years ago.  Hubby had taken my now dear departed cat, Bony,  to the vet for a check-up.   What he wasn't expecting was a lecture from the vet about the state of Bony's toenails.   They had begun to grow into the pads of her poor little feet.    Then I got the same lecture when Hubby got home.  Apparently, when Bony was young and active and running around everywhere, her toenails were keeping themselves in check.  But at the ripe old age of 15, she had slowed down quite a bit and  her toenails were growing unchecked.    We felt bad.  And Hubby was determined that he would never be subjected to such humiliation again.

Now Hubby is a Cat Toenail Whisperer.  You are probably thinking....huh? what?

You see, when I trim a cat's toenails, I am lucky if I can get one paw trimmed before the cat wiggles and squiggles so much I can no longer hold on to it.  That means getting all four paws clipped can take days.

This morning Hubby announced it was toenail trimming day for our two rambunctious felines.   He aligns with trash day so he remembers.   In less than five minutes, he had successfully trimmed eight paws.  Imagine!   How can such a miracle occur?

Zori dreaming of kitty treats
His methods are simple yet mystical.   First, he waits until the kitties are taking naps.  Hence, they are still dreaming of kitty treats when Hubby begins the process.  He also holds them very close and whispers things like, "you're such a good kitty" in a sing-song voice after every clip.   Before they realize what's happening, it's over.    The Cat Toenail Whisperer has struck.

I do not need a Whisperer to get my nails trimmed. However, having someone around who can whisper sweetly in my ear and help me through less than wonderful moments, may come in handy.

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