Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boomer Thinks Birthdays Are Special

Today is Teen's 15th birthday. I took her to piano class tonight and she was her usual uncommunicative self. But when I asked her whether anyone had wished her a happy birthday today, she opened up a bit. Apparently there was one kid at school who announced the news throughout the day and got others to sing happy birthday to her. I was secretly glad to hear a little fuss was made. Teen puzzled why people thought birthday's were a big deal. She figured the only big birthdays were 18 and 21 because those ages signified reaching adulthood in some way. As usual, thinking about how fast she can grow up. She said birthday's were just another day.

Me? I love my birthday. Always have. Growing up it was just a chocolate birthday cake and a little present or card. Nothing fancy. I only remember having one birthday party. I got a set of sparkle paints and people were jumping on the bed. In my view (here comes a view folks), your birthday is the one and only day that is all about you and that's what makes it special. Not on your wedding day. You have to share that with the groom. Not when you graduate from school because you've got to share the spotlight with the rest of your classmates. Not Christmas for sure. It's the one day you get to add another number to your age and although getting older has its downsides, as people say, "it's better than the alternative." I shared my view with Teen. On the surface she remained unconvinced.

We celebrated Teen's birthday tonight with a little vegan dessert and a nice vegan dinner. She got a couple of little presents. I gave her a mushy card. Her father gave her a silly card. I think she appreciated both. She protested when we lit the candles and started singing happy birthday, but I detected a little smile. I gave her a hug and she didn't pull away.

I hope secretly she loves her birthday.

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